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This hack is sweet like Candy…

Almost literally. DK’s girlfriend, Candy Kong, joins the Brawl!

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Garbage cluttering up your planet? Get one of these things!

Yeah, its who you think it is.

Wall-E joins the brawl!

Hai guys I’m new

Hi, I’m Yoshiboshi3, new member to Koo.pac! I’m not an outstanding texture hacker, but I sure like doing vertex hacks! I’ll submit my Marx and Koopa hacks later, and I’m working on a few “secret” projects right now! Look forward to some pretty cool stuff from me.

We need moar updates

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no update right this Second on Shirtless link, but I would like to say…


That is all… kinda a useless post but whatever, sue me

Cucco v2.0 + Color pack!

Hey guys, I told you I’d update soon! I’ve made about 4 hacks while I was on “hiatus”, but since I haven’t taken screenshots of them, I thought I’d go ahead and release my favorite hack so far. It’s version 2 of my old Cucco hack, plus an amazing color pack that comes in 4 flavors!

Comes in: White, Grey, Gold, and Brown! All 4 colors from LoZ:TP!
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Melee King K. Rool

Ok, So here’s a trophy hack a made about a few weeks ago.

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