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Out of the Biz

Well it seems my Brawl disc mysteriously doesn’t want to work anymore, so I’m out for now. Hopefully I can get a new disc sometime soon.

Chuy-Doo! Where Are You?!?!?!

Bad joke is bad >.>

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Help Needed and a Preview

Initiate project: “Antagonize”

What this project aims to do is give every character a brand new taunt! This is no easy task however, as I only have a few ideas and one nearly complete.

Thin as paper

And now for the ‘help’ portion. I need someone who can edit the taunt interrupt lengths. Nothing too complex. Anyone up for it?

Spyro took some growth hormones

Everyone’s favorite purple dragon decided to get… big

Adult Spyro joins the Brawl!
More pictures and a download after the breaker.
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You will now adress me by my real name…

The king of bugs.

In a collaborative effort between me and Pik, I present to you, Louie from Pikmin 2. Download and more pictures after the jump.
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Glover OST

I spent about an hour finding this so i could convert one song for i stage a recently got (rainbow unicorn attack) and i decided to convert the entire soundtrack out of boredom. this is the only game where i can say that the developers are worse at looping than i (still a really good game though, its for the PC, N64, and PS1).

EDIT: That Isn’t Anatomically Possible

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