Ironically, this is a filler update.

The reason i call this a filler update is so i can sorta stall until i can get the 2 other things done. the reason why its ironic is because it is the soundtrack of a Naruto game (ultimate ninja storm). More after breaker thingie…

Heres the link to the media fire folder. all 18 songs of this game, ill have brawl vault links later but if you cant wait, go there.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm OST Click the brawlvault thingie and the music is in there and with previews!

For those wondering what im working on; my primary goal for now is to make a code that disables the game from noticing if the character is already loaded on another player. The other is getting a video to work in a stage or the menus, but i just havens gotten to it.


1 Response to “Ironically, this is a filler update.”

  1. 1 Chuy July 6, 2010 at 2:23 am

    Impressive can’t wait for your stuff dude

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