New project and a request

Greetings, ya’ll know me, I am looking for a member of our team whom is good at PSA (or any other form of Smash attack moding) and can make Chargeable Projectiles. leave a comment with a IM address (perfectly Skype) thats really all, thanks



1 Response to “New project and a request”

  1. 1 NerdWithAnAfro July 17, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    A better way to put it would be either move set modifications or article editing. a lot of people do not use PSA due to the file size errors, and instead use it (or OpenSA dump) as a guide to edit in Hex.

    While i cannot help you (due to lack of {insert antonym of lazy here}), i can suggest for you to post this on the Kc-mm forums or SWF. your more likely to find someone there.

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