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You will now adress me by my real name…

The king of bugs.

In a collaborative effort between me and Pik, I present to you, Louie from Pikmin 2. Download and more pictures after the jump.
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Cuckoos casts COMBO BREAKER on Wilttilt!

Get it? Because it’s a Final Fantasy update? HAHAHA I’M SO FUNNY IT’S UNBELIEVABLE

Anyways, enjoy White Mage. Goes nice with Cloud Strife, Black Mage, Sephiroth, Squall, etc.

More images and a download after the jump.

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My Balloons

Where did they go

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This hack is sweet like Candy…

Almost literally. DK’s girlfriend, Candy Kong, joins the Brawl!

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Cucco v2.0 + Color pack!

Hey guys, I told you I’d update soon! I’ve made about 4 hacks while I was on “hiatus”, but since I haven’t taken screenshots of them, I thought I’d go ahead and release my favorite hack so far. It’s version 2 of my old Cucco hack, plus an amazing color pack that comes in 4 flavors!

Comes in: White, Grey, Gold, and Brown! All 4 colors from LoZ:TP!
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Reason for inactivity

Yes, we’ve been inactive for quite a while now, so I though I’d explain the reason behind that. The truth is, most of our members are just starting out in hacking, so they don’t update as frequently. And me? I’ve finished a couple of hacks, but I need to take screenshots of them before posting downloads. Note that this website is fairly new, and we should be well adjusted come summer time. In case your wondering, I’ve finished my Cucco costume pack, as well as taking away Cucco’s arms and legs, and the box on his chest. I’ve also made a more princess-ish Rosalina, with a completely new costume, using the model by LenSho. I’m also working on Mickey Mouse over Pikachu. >:]

So I’ll update again soon. Catch you guys later.

Starite get!

I honestly like how he came out. It’s Maxwell, from Scribblenauts, by the way.

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