It all started when custom music was possible via ISO. you could Rick Roll someone just by adding it as a menu song. then it because even more possible when i figured out how to make THP’s, and have videos rick  roll people. Now, with all these new codes, you can Rick Roll EVERYTHING!

This uses PW’s New Stage expansion Code, Oshtoby’s Stage Dependent Song Loader code, and Dantarion’s Victory result’s screen and CSS song Codes (along with 1 Brstm and a slight modified Sc_Selmap).

Download Here

Afrochu V2; More Afro (also, 10,000 hits)

Download and info after breaker

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Roster Updated

That’s all 🙂

Well, not really. No matter who you are, i need you to GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND…. do whatever you want. if you find a mistake (missing texture, wrong name, wrong DL link, Ect) I would really enjoy knowing, along with any requests on anything i could add/edit to the roster.

(random) I got Pikachu’s Afro merged into the ears, so whenever an ear animation occurs, it wiggles. I also call the Over 9000 view post.

Glover OST

I spent about an hour finding this so i could convert one song for i stage a recently got (rainbow unicorn attack) and i decided to convert the entire soundtrack out of boredom. this is the only game where i can say that the developers are worse at looping than i (still a really good game though, its for the PC, N64, and PS1).


What is Nerd with an Afro’s pikachu like?


Being my first vertex hack, i release Choose you, Afrochu V1! (Video, Download, and info after the breaker)

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Acceleration of Suguri OST

I hate looping, but what needs to be done has to be done. i have for you the Acceleration of Suguri soundtrack. for those who haven’t played it, go get it (or the original Suguri). The only thing thats different this time is that its on a different website.


For music, i personally believe that this site is overall better than the vault.

Ironically, this is a filler update.

The reason i call this a filler update is so i can sorta stall until i can get the 2 other things done. the reason why its ironic is because it is the soundtrack of a Naruto game (ultimate ninja storm). More after breaker thingie…

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