Out of the Biz

Well it seems my Brawl disc mysteriously doesn’t want to work anymore, so I’m out for now. Hopefully I can get a new disc sometime soon.

Help Needed and a Preview

Initiate project: “Antagonize”

What this project aims to do is give every character a brand new taunt! This is no easy task however, as I only have a few ideas and one nearly complete.

Thin as paper

And now for the ‘help’ portion. I need someone who can edit the taunt interrupt lengths. Nothing too complex. Anyone up for it?

EDIT: That Isn’t Anatomically Possible

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Old Swords and Purple Hats

In A Link to the Past, the Master Sword is used for the final time. It also shows some definite signs of wearing, but that doesn’t stop it from defeating Ganon one more time.

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Hedgehogs in Armor?

It would seem recent Sonic games are getting stranger and stranger….

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That Ranch Kid

As we all (should) know, the Hero of Twilight originally hails from the village of Ordon. His Ordonian clothes were forgotten after his role as a hero was learned, however, they were quite unique.

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Hello all

I am Wilttilt and am now a part of this team!

I don’t have much work as of now, but I’m planning on changing that. As many people may have seen, I made a retexture pack for Mariokart64n’s Mewtwo vertex, for those planning on replacing Lucario.

I hope to have a great time on this team!