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Snowy Battlefield v2

Well it’s been a while hasn’t it?

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So you’re what humans would call a god……

Presenting…. Ark. Wait what? You don’t know who Ark is? How unfortunate.

You must have missed out on the epic SNES game called Terranigma. Terranigma is part of the SoulBlazer series, developed by Quintet and Published by Enix before the merger with Square.

Don’t feel too bad if you missed out on the series, apparently SquareEnix forgot about it as well. It is right up there with ChronoTrigger story/gameplay-wise¬† and deserved a remake or at least a port long ago.

Enough about the history, heres the download link:

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Hey everyone, Cuckoos here with a minor announcement for all of our blog watchers.
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His Honor the Mayor

Ridding the streets of crime. By personally punching crime in the face.

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Some obscure JRPG character

Mallow from SMRPG with HD textures, because that’s how I roll

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It all started when custom music was possible via ISO. you could Rick Roll someone just by adding it as a menu song. then it because even more possible when i figured out how to make THP’s, and have videos rick¬† roll people. Now, with all these new codes, you can Rick Roll EVERYTHING!

This uses PW’s New Stage expansion Code, Oshtoby’s Stage Dependent Song Loader code, and Dantarion’s Victory result’s screen and CSS song Codes (along with 1 Brstm and a slight modified Sc_Selmap).

Download Here