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Another puzzle solved!

Hey everyone, cuckoos here. Now, as it seems, Dantarion is continuing his work on the spectacular Clone Engine once again. After hearing the news, I had remembered something of great importance; My good friend Pik had showed me progress of a Professor Layton model the other day. So I thought that using this model, I could be the first in the brawl hacking community to create a perfectly balanced, perfectly reasonable, and basically, a brand new character in it’s entirety.

Hit the jump for more info.

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I’m still alive and on this team, and I bring news of greatness to come…..

Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while here. Summer’s throwing too many fun things at me, but I’m working on a really cool secret Marth project (That most of you know about already anyway) that I plan to release within the next week, but something a bit more exciting is going on here between Pik, Sonic and I…

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You will now adress me by my real name…

The king of bugs.

In a collaborative effort between me and Pik, I present to you, Louie from Pikmin 2. Download and more pictures after the jump.
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Call Him Pollyana

SMAAAAAAASH!!!!! It’s Ninten

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Sup guys, I’m Pik. You might see me around Smash Boards/KCMM or Stack Smash.

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