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06 just boosted into 1st!!!

The F-Zero racer, Pico finally joins the Brawl. Pico is one of the major reoccurring characters from the F-zero series, so it’s about time he gets some recognition.

You can find it here:

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The Sun Rises Again

After a huge break, I’ve returned to Brawl Hacking.

My old Saturos model on Ike wasn’t very accurate, so I attempted to redo it on Marth. Leading to this…..

You can find it here:

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So you’re what humans would call a god……

Presenting…. Ark. Wait what? You don’t know who Ark is? How unfortunate.

You must have missed out on the epic SNES game called Terranigma. Terranigma is part of the SoulBlazer series, developed by Quintet and Published by Enix before the merger with Square.

Don’t feel too bad if you missed out on the series, apparently SquareEnix forgot about it as well. It is right up there with ChronoTrigger story/gameplay-wise¬† and deserved a remake or at least a port long ago.

Enough about the history, heres the download link:

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