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Newcomer to the team

Heya, I’m a recent addition to the team, something I did not see coming at all.

I usually go by Shinn, Shinja, or Shinneh in the Smash community. I picked up vertex hacking when I really wanted to help a friend out with vertexing Claus hair on Lucas. Since then I’ve been getting better and better with each vertex I attempt.

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Hey everyone, Cuckoos here with a minor announcement for all of our blog watchers.
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Newest Member of the Koo.Pac Team….

Hello. I’m Weyard, also known as WeyardReturns, depending on where you see me.

After seeing Cuckoos Layton project, I secretly began work on a Don Paolo project. Once I showed my progress to Cuckoo he immediately invited me to the team. I hope I can meet his expectations.

You might know me from BrawlVault , Gamefaqs(spot), or DeviantArt.

Here’s a few of my newest hacks. I’ll be presenting a few of them separately in a few days.

Free Image Hosting at
New and improved Saturos

Free Image Hosting at

*Thanks to Adfroman, Paolo’s model is now finished.  I’m going to change a few of Ganondorf’s B moves so that they fit Paolo, but almost all of Ganon’s A moves fit him perfectly, so I’ll be keeping most of them.
*Saturos’ model is finished. I’m seeking people to help with his psa. You can find the topic here:
*The Alex texture is still in development. His moveset would need to be magic-based, which would be difficult on Marth. So Alex’s moveset will likely be put on hold for a very long time.

Expect to see more of my work later. Cya.

Another puzzle solved!

Hey everyone, cuckoos here. Now, as it seems, Dantarion is continuing his work on the spectacular Clone Engine once again. After hearing the news, I had remembered something of great importance; My good friend Pik had showed me progress of a Professor Layton model the other day. So I thought that using this model, I could be the first in the brawl hacking community to create a perfectly balanced, perfectly reasonable, and basically, a brand new character in it’s entirety.

Hit the jump for more info.

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We’re not dead, we’re just unconscious

Hey guys, Cuckoos here. As you know, we’ve been “dead” for quite some time now. This is due to some members not updating, taking too long to update, being lazy, etc. So as a result, we will re-doing Koo.Pac from the ground up. New host, new CSS, new members, and more activity. We have also killed off the inactive members. It was painful to execute, but it was for the better.

On to more important things; we need some new hackers. We need people with talent, we need people with the skills to maintain a high-quality site. If you’d like to apply for a position at Koo.Pac, please leave a comment here with an example of at least 3 of your hacks/your Brawlvault, and leave a reason as to why we should pick you to join our team.

Expect more news on this within the next few days.


  • Ridge Troopa is now an administrator.
  • MXXai is now an administrator
  • PAVGN is off of the team (Low activity, updates more on other teams)
  • YoshiBoshi3 is off of the team (Low activity, voted off by the KP heads of administration)

Roster Updated

That’s all 🙂

Well, not really. No matter who you are, i need you to GO THERE RIGHT NOW AND…. do whatever you want. if you find a mistake (missing texture, wrong name, wrong DL link, Ect) I would really enjoy knowing, along with any requests on anything i could add/edit to the roster.

(random) I got Pikachu’s Afro merged into the ears, so whenever an ear animation occurs, it wiggles. I also call the Over 9000 view post.

Hello all

I am Wilttilt and am now a part of this team!

I don’t have much work as of now, but I’m planning on changing that. As many people may have seen, I made a retexture pack for Mariokart64n’s Mewtwo vertex, for those planning on replacing Lucario.

I hope to have a great time on this team!