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The Sun Rises Again

After a huge break, I’ve returned to Brawl Hacking.

My old Saturos model on Ike wasn’t very accurate, so I attempted to redo it on Marth. Leading to this…..

You can find it here:

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Newest Member of the Koo.Pac Team….

Hello. I’m Weyard, also known as WeyardReturns, depending on where you see me.

After seeing Cuckoos Layton project, I secretly began work on a Don Paolo project. Once I showed my progress to Cuckoo he immediately invited me to the team. I hope I can meet his expectations.

You might know me from BrawlVault , Gamefaqs(spot), or DeviantArt.

Here’s a few of my newest hacks. I’ll be presenting a few of them separately in a few days.

Free Image Hosting at
New and improved Saturos

Free Image Hosting at

*Thanks to Adfroman, Paolo’s model is now finished.  I’m going to change a few of Ganondorf’s B moves so that they fit Paolo, but almost all of Ganon’s A moves fit him perfectly, so I’ll be keeping most of them.
*Saturos’ model is finished. I’m seeking people to help with his psa. You can find the topic here:
*The Alex texture is still in development. His moveset would need to be magic-based, which would be difficult on Marth. So Alex’s moveset will likely be put on hold for a very long time.

Expect to see more of my work later. Cya.